Wooden Handle Cut Throat Razor

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Suitable for use with all traditional razor blades for that perfect close and luxurious shave

Many men would say that a trip to an old school barber is one of life’s true luxuries!

The Shygol Barber Shop are proud to present our clients with the opportunity to experience luxury every day with this modern version of an old classic.

Perfect for short hair day to day shaving and an absolute dream for longer beards or beard trimming as there is no clogging of the blades. 
Compatible with all makes of the tradition razor blades this gem of a device will provide its owner with years of hassle-free shaving and or trimming. The device is based on a centuries old classic design and will not only provide a crisp and clean shave but will do so in an incredibly cost-effective manner.

The razor comes in a classic wood finish with a safety pouch perfect for traveling or taking to the gym.