MOND’SUB Vitamin C Skincare Kit - Cleanser, Toner, Lotion, Eye Serum

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4 Amazing Products Combined in one set that beautifully soft and glowing complexion

This completely natural organic skin care range has been carefully chosen to combine 4 products to cleanse, tone and revitalise skin and eyes, giving you that youthful soft and dewy complexion.

Vitamin C brightening and lifting foaming facial cleanser:
Vitamin C combined with multiple plant extracts, keep skin transparent and shining. The gentle foam deeply cleanses skin and clears blocked pores, at the same time hydrating the skin leaving it shining and healthy with no feeling of tightness.Use small amount of cleanser in palm of hands and apply to face massaging in circular movement. Rinse off with water.

Vitamin C brightening and lifting toner:
 Improves dull and rough skin, leaving it brighter and softer. With nicotinamide and rose extract, this toner is fresh and light, supplying skin moisture and shrinking pores, to make skin soft and bright. Vitamin C has excellent antioxidant abilities, which can inhibit the activity of ammonia complex enzymes, improving skin moisture content, increasing skin elasticity and glossiness. Apply small amount to skin after cleansing.

Vitamin C brightening and lifting face lotion:
This light and gentle lotion supplies elasticity and nourishment for dry skin making skin clearer, smooth and moisturised. Edelweiss extract and rose water extract help the skin absorb nutrients, skin is brighter and radiant. After cleansing and toning apply small amount of lotion to face, then gently massage until fully absorbed.

Vitamin C brightening and lifting eye serum:
Specially formulated for the eye area, this serum nourishes and repairs skin, effectively improves wrinkles and fine lines around eyes, fades dark circles, and promotes eye microcirculation, thereby rejuvenating eye skin to a more youthful appearance.

What's in the box
1 x Cleanser
1 x Toner
1 x Lotion
1 x Eye Serum