MOND’SUB Professional Men’s Shaving Kit Combo

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3 Scientifically blended natural products to enhance your shaving experience

The shaving gel is made from all-natural pure ingredients protects the skin and effectively reduces friction and softens the beard, giving you a cleaner and more comfortable shave.
Simply wet your face and apply to the shaving area. Gently massage for 1-2 minutes before shaving. Clean with water after shaving.

After shave toner is made from all-natural pure ingredients this toner will improve dryness, relieve discomfort, and shrink pores, calming the skin and protecting against shaving irritations. After shaving splash a few drops of toner into hands and pat lightly onto skin.

After shave cream. Enriched with natural extracts the nourishing, smoothing, professional after shaving cream leaves skin feeling moisturised and healthy looking all day.
Apply a small amount of cream to skin after toner.

What's in the box:

1 x After shave cream
1 x After shave toner
1 x Shave gel