Baby Footprint mold and photo frame

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Time goes faster than you think when you are a new parent, one day blends into the next and before you know it they are off to their first day as school. Capture those special early moments with this wonderful product designed to create a life time of memories. Perfect as a baby shower gift or as something you buy and treasure yourself.
  • a wonderful and thoughtful gift new or expecting parents!

  • When bibs and toys eventually fade, your beautiful frame keeps gifting sweet little moments forever.

  • Perfect Baby Shower Gift

  • Non-Toxic Air-Drying Clay

  • For Per lovers this is a great gift for people who want to capture those cute puppy paws and remember them forever along side a picture of your furry friend

    Package List:
    1 x Photo Frame
    3 x Packs Of Clay
    1 x Rolling Pin
    1 x Double-sided Tape
    1 x User Manual